What is your shipping policy? 


Shipping is FREE to all of our 50-State Postal Addresses.


We ship directly to your address in Canada and Mexico via US Postal Service: $26.00 flat fee for each order or as below. 

We welcome orders from ALL COUNTRIES: Shipping is FREE to all of our 50-State Postal Addresses, for all orders.

(Please ask a friend or contact, with whom you visit, to accept delivery of your order at their US 50-State Postal Address.)

Why is lounge part of the name?

An early concept sketch looked like a chaise lounge.

Is a large size available?

Yes, the overall dimensions are:      Standard: 4-3/8 in. long x 3-1/8 in. wide         Large:  4-5/8 in. long      x 3-3/8 in. wide              (for oversize bars, only in Roca Beige color).

Where is it made?

In Tucson, AZ, by HF Coors.


Does it keep soap balls dry?

It is not recommended for soap balls.


Does the ceramic contain cadmium or lead?

No; laboratory tests confirm. 


Is it sold in retail stores?

Yes. The stores are listed below, under RETAILERS. 


What is the quantity discount?

Orders over $199, 20% off.

What is the wholesale price?

Call 303-475-7230 to place wholesale orders.