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Your favorite soaps last longer with Soap Bar Lounge

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How can I choose the best soap dish for me?

With so many attractive soap dishes online, how do I choose which one to buy?

Select an effective soap dish to keep soap dry; better than just a wading pool for your bar soap.

The dual wings of the Soap Bar Lounge cause water to run down into the reservoir keeping your soap from dissolving prematurely. 

Soap Bar Lounge soap dishes offer these benefits:

  • Water sheds freely from the soap bar.

  • Air circulates around the drying bar.

  • As the soap bar shrinks with use, these healthy benefits continue.

  • This dish gently supports the soap bar on smooth surfaces; no abrading edges or ridges.

  • Cleaning this glazed ceramic soap dish is so easy.

  • Made, designed, developed and Patented in the USA.

Choose from an amazing selection of colors and designs including pistachio green, carousel red, burgundy, celadon light green, mimbreno art, shiny black, roca beige (in two sizes), cornflower blue, turquoise and bone white.

Ten colors that are perfect for any interior

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Do you want more technical detail?

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Soap Dishes are Challenged

The three major challenges that soap dishes face are:

Capillary Action:

Water wicks under the soap, especially under flat soap bars in flat soap dishes. Reducing this soap-bar to soap-dish contact area helps.

Surface Tension: Water naturally clings to all surfaces.

Lack of Air Circulation: Slows drying between uses.

Why are there so many sculptured, curved soap bars?

Soap manufacturers shape their soap bars in an attempt to reduce the contact area (and wicking) between the soap-bar and the soap-dish.

Some manufacturers even add small bumps on their bar soaps to reduce the contact area.

e-mail: or call us with any questions: 303-475-7230.

Enjoy Fine Bar Soaps

Forget boring pump-bottle soap. Treat yourself to fine hand-made soaps supplied by small businesses across the USA. Search, buy and then protect them with our soap dish.

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High-quality glazed ceramic is easy to clean. And it's made in the U.S.A.

About Us and You

We are proud of this effective soap dish we have designed and developed for you.

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Soap Bar Lounge soap dishes are now in use across the USA. Still, few people know about our fine product. We ask you to help spread the word by telling your friends, especially those who love bar soap.

Have you tried goat milk soap and other fine soaps? If you appreciate fine bar soap, Soap Bar Lounge is the right soap dish for you.

Customers are pleased with our fine soap dish which keeps the bar soap dry and pleasant to use, over its full useful life.

Your friends will remember you well if you give them a Soap Bar Lounge soap dish.

Standard size dishes are shipped in gift boxes.

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